Weightlifting Rod Hooks Anti-Slip


Product Features:
  • Bellicose Weight Lifting Rod Hook Straps eliminated the need for hardcore grip strength as it takes entire load and apply to the wrist and the forearms and maintain the equilibrium.
  • Made of premium materials that tested under extreme conditions.
  • Neoprene pads absorb shock efficiently & help prevent loss of grip.
  • Never Drop, ¼-inch thick & 5/16-inches diameter anti-slip hooks.
  • Neoprene pad length and width 7.5×3.0-inches (19.05×7.62-cm).
  • Velcro strap length and width 15×2-inches (38.1×5.08-cm).
  • Pre-curved wide steel hooks easily fit over dumbbells or bars.
  • Durable solid stainless-steel buckle ensures a secure grip.
  • Shoulders & back takes the burden of heavy weights off your fingers.
  • Provides maximum endurance and superior muscle isolation.
  • Adjustable magic tape (Velcro) closure customizes fit around the wrist
  • Reinforced stitching to prevent tearing. One size fit all (men/women).
  • designed for deadlifts, shrugs, pull ups, pull downs, barbell rows, cable rows, upright rows and other back and shoulder exercises.
  • Customized logo & material are accepted as per customer’s demand.
  • Hook straps are sold as pair. Proudly made in The Pakistan.


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Weightlifting Rod Hooks Anti-Slip Top-Notch Rubber Lining Grip with Neoprene Wrist Velcro Wraps

Do not let your slipping grip keep you from reaching your max weight and reps! Our weightlifting rod hooks anti-slip help to shift the weight from your palms to your wrist, increasing your grip strength. Our lifting rod hooks are designed to help you reach max reps quicker. Are you lifting 30s when you want to lift 60? These workout hook straps help you lift heavier weights, by removing pressure from your palms.

Unlike Cheaply Made Hooks:

There are many iterations of weightlifting hooks with cheap quality, stitching, fabric and metal. You paid good money for your membership and supplements. Why not treat your weight lifting accessories same alike? Unlike all those cheaply-made lifting hooks, that make from flimsy materials, and provide no protection. Whatsoever, our comfortable and breathable hook straps built from high-quality materials for maximum durability. Bellicose weight lifting hooks are a gym bag necessity. Built to last through the toughest training sessions. Whether, you’re recovering from an injury, or breaking a new PR.

Next Level Grip Support:

You’ve been active in your weight training, but maybe you’ve reached a heavier weight that you just can’t manage to properly support. A better grip can improve your hold tremendously, which is where weight lifting hooks come into play. As you’re ready to take your weight lifting to the next level. Although, you’re still providing much of the support, the hook alleviates a good deal of it. This can help you better adjust to a heavier weight than what you’re using to, giving you time to train before moving on without the hooks. Bellicose Weight Lifting Power Hooks hold the weight when your hand grip fails. And they help to take your training to the next level by reducing grip fatigue. So, you can easily lift heavier for longer. Lift bigger, better and with more control. Bye pains, hi gains!

Premium Quality Construction:

Bellicose Weightlifting Hook Straps are exclusively manufactured with extra wide hook design! that significantly ensure you have a compact hold without losing hand shape, and movement remains intact. Bellicose offers unique design of Neoprene Padded Lifting Wraps with Anti-Slip Rubber Coated Rod Hooks which take the burden of heavy weight off your fingers and transfers it to your back, shoulders, arms and traps. Lined with shock-absorbent neoprene padding which enhances stability. Lifting hooks are designed to relieve stress on your hands and wrists! regardless of the weight you are lifting. Lifting hooks help you lift or pull-down weight without over straining your grip and wrist. Adjustable Velcro closure customizes fit around the wrist. You can work out without the fear of the weight or barbell landing on your feet! There are no comparable lifting grips for weightlifting on the market Made with pride in the Pakistan.

Perfect for All Activities:

Let Bellicose Weight Lifting Hooks hold onto the bar for you, so you can focus on your form! Recommended for, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Deadlifts, Pull Ups, Lat Pull Downs, Chin Ups, Shrugs, Low Rows, Cable Rows and Upright Rows, Rack Pulls, X-Fit Exercise, Barbell, Dumbbell, Kettlebell Work, Raise, Other Back and Shoulder Exercises, as well as, for Nautilus Equipment. Rated For 600 Lbs.

Customize Essentials:

Furthermore, your brand logo, label, neoprene pads (length-width-thickness), nylon straps (length-width), Velcro (length-width) and color schemes or combinations of straps or coated rubber and also material such as polyester, cotton/polyester, nylon, split leather or cowhide leather, can be customized, as per your requirement.



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