About Us


Bellicose is a family owned business, founded in 2015, the founders of the Bellicose came together inspired by the belief and with an idea that the best affordable sports products should be accessible to everyone in the growing population of health-conscious people. Since its birth, Bellicose has grown into one of Pakistan’s largest Gym Accessories and Boxing/MMA Gear manufacturing and export company, having helped over thousands of customers live longer, happier, healthier and fit lives.

Ever-evolving and high-performance design, the best quality at the lowest possible price and expert advice that customers of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels can access at Bellicose from anywhere, at any time, is what makes us who we are. And we are pretty proud of that.

Bellicose breathes technology, drinks design and feeds on its will to exceed itself making the best products in the world.


Yes, we are an international Gym Accessories and Boxing/MMA Gear manufacturer and exporter, in a lot of countries around the world and if you look a little closer, you will see we are so much more.

Bellicose is dedicated to helping, inspiring and guiding you through your fitness and fight sports experiences. We believe that discovering new fitness and fight sports and being active – well, it’s an important part of life – and living well shouldn’t just be for a privileged few.

We are unique because we have our own in-house brand. We are experts in our fields, and we draw on our knowledge and experience to create, design and manufacture our own products in our own studios and labs. And, our family ownership means we are here for the long term. We reinvest our profits into research and development, helping to lower the cost of participating in sport.

In a world where fitness and fight sports have the potential to give so much, providing innovative, enticing and high-performance products at prices that are accessible to everyone isn’t a job, it’s our mission.


We want to help you live a fit and healthy lifestyle! We do this by helping you find the most suitable accessories and gear for your home gym, studio or commercial gym and mma/boxing fight club or academy, keeping your budget, lifestyle and fitness goals in mind. We produce a wide range of Fitness Gym Accessories, Boxing Gear, MMA Gear, Martial Arts Uniforms, Sports Casual Apparel and so much more. Our awesome team is always keen to help, so please call us to discuss your needs. It’s not about the money. It’s about our mission. Trust us. We will feed your body and mind with everything you need to exceed yourself.


Customers are our priority. We are passionate about delivering exceptional, personalized customer service to all. All Bellicose staff are fully trained on all aspects of the products, we sell.


We believe open, direct and supportive communication is the foundation of any successful organization. Don’t Be Shy! The More We Know; The Faster We Can Help.


Here at Bellicose, we have a team of awesome superstars and we owe our success to each and every one of them! Because we hire for culture first and foremost, we have some pretty awesome people working with us who hustle every day to give you a positive customer experience. You can find them in areas such as sales, marketing, customer service, warehousing, finance, human resources and management. We are committed to common goals. Effective communication and accountability make our team achieve greater results.