Premium Grade Elbow Sleeves


Product Features:
  • Bellicose Elbow Sleeves will add numbers to your lifts and allow for a wide range of motion & excellent comfort levels in workout regimen.
  • Premium grade custom processed double ply heavy polyester blend.
  • Reinforced seams for protection at highest levels of strength training.
  • Excellent compression, warmth & support for elbow, biceps & triceps.
  • Designed to minimize the risk of injury and aid for best performance.
  • Alleviates joint and muscle pain, hastening recovery and rejuvenation.
  • Perfect for weightlifting, powerlifting, cross training, gym, tennis, basketball, volleyball & any other activities that are heavy on elbows.
  • Sizes available to fit all lifters. (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, …).
  • Size, material & brand logo can be customized as per requirement.
  • Machine washable. Sold as pair. Proudly manufactured in Pakistan.


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Premium Grade Elbow Sleeves from Bellicose for Bodybuilding, CrossFit Training, Strongman & WOD

The more demanding you are to your elbow! the more investment you need to make to prevent tears, injuries, and strains. The premium grade elbow sleeves play a vital role! when it comes to muscle recovery and injury prevention. Moreover, they enable you to go through your day without any discomfort or pain. Along with that, they are versatile enough to perform various activities. Besides to achieve maximum performance and protection in your activities! wear an elbow sleeve.

Improves Performance:

The elbow sleeves have become standard gear for weight lifters and other athletes. Compression sleeves have long been known to enhance proprioception! or awareness of the movement of the body. Elbow sleeves provide compression! and improve muscle tissue oxygenation! which enhances your performance! during short bouts of exercise. Keeping your joints warm! also means helping your connective tissue warm up more effectively. Which is particularly important! as you get older. Researchers found that subjects who wore compression sleeves! improved both their accuracy and overall athletic performance. So, if you have any type of elbow discomfort! elbow sleeves can make a big difference in your ability to train hard. Whether, it is general discomfort from tendonitis to a nagging injury! they will help you train with confidence.

Promotes Blood Circulation:

Elbow Sleeves work by using compression technology. This means that the sleeve is specifically designed! to provide an increase in blood circulation to areas that need it the most. Scientific studies have shown that this excess circulation through compression! helps with muscle metabolism. While they are recovering from a high intensity workout. Poor circulation can occur! when an athlete is not using a compress sleeve. This can cause an abundance of problems! one of which is pain. All compression clothing! helps the deoxygenated blood and fluid build up! that is produced by your muscles move away from the joints and towards parts of the body! that can filter the waste. Compression then encourages oxygen rich blood to bring excess nutrients to affected joints! like the elbow.

Reduces Risk of Injury:

Elbow sleeves can effectively decrease your risk for injury in a few key ways! First, by putting on a pair of elbow sleeves before your workout! you enhance healthy circulation and proper blood flow. Second, elbow sleeves help you prepare! for the workout to follow by warming up the covered muscular and connective tissue. Finally, elbow sleeves allow for healthy range of motion! while offering the ideal amount of support! during powerlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, and weightlifting workouts.

Promotes Recovery:

The benefits of elbow sleeves! continue after you step out of the gym. They provide support, protection, and help injury recovery. Studies show that! compression sleeves have a significantly positive effect on muscle and connective tissue post workout, promoting recovery. In fact, one study emphasized! the necessity of compression garments for intense workouts that focus on eccentric movements! such as, squats and deadlifts. These exercises are front and center in CrossFit and powerlifting workouts.

Premium Quality Construction:

Bellicose Premium Grade Dual Ply Elbow Braces! are designed to give your elbows support, compression, warmth and performance. Specifically, made from an optimum blend of high quality materials! and tough enough to handle anything you throw at them. These sleeves will give you maximum performance. The braces are our own unique double ply polyester blend made to our exact specifications. Hence, a huge upgrade on most generic braces / sleeves found on the market. The double layer gives great compression around the joints. The elasticated nature of our dual ply elbow braces! will vastly improve your strength with any pressing movement. Braces add warmth! and can increase proprioception! (the capacity to feel the position of a joint in space as sensed by the central nervous system). So, our braces are more than a mechanical support mechanism for the joint! but also used to improve proprioception!

Perfect for All Activities:

Perfect for Heavy Compound Lifts, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Deadlifts, Cross Training, Strongman, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball! and any other fitness activities! that are heavy on your elbows.

Customize Essentials:

Furthermore, your brand logo or label, size, thickness, color schemes or combinations! and also material! such as, cotton / polyester, polyester, nylon, spandex, neoprene! or any other, can be customized! as per your requirement.



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