Closed Patella Knee Braces


Product Features:
  • Knee Support Compression Sleeves taking your performance to the Next Level by Pakistan Premium Fitness Accessories Brand Bellicose.
  • Crafted with premium quality 5mm neoprene & reinforced stitching.
  • Designed to minimize the risk of injury and aid for best performance.
  • Stimulates effective blood flow to working area, reduce knee pain.
  • They provide excellent compression, warmth & support to the knee.
  • Perfect to help prevent strain or injury and faster muscle recovery.
  • Ideal for heavy compound lifts, weightlifting, powerlifting, cross training & strongman. Protect the joints without reduced mobility.
  • Sizes available to fit all lifters. (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, …).
  • Size, material & brand logo can be customized as per requirement.
  • Machine washable. Sold as pair. Proudly manufactured in Pakistan.


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Closed Patella Knee Braces 5mm Thick Neoprene from Bellicose for Heavy Leg Weight Training

Closed patella knee braces strengthen! and protect this vital joint and in doing so! facilitate exercise, prevent injury, and aid in recovery! from injuries or surgery. But the benefits do not stop there. Older individuals suffering from arthritic knees! find knee sleeves help alleviate pain and promote mobility. For them, knee sleeves are a must have item! that adds immeasurably to the quality of their daily life. Weight lifters would be wise to consider wearing knee sleeves. Especially those who practice Olympic weightlifting! where massive amounts of weight are involved! and the stresses on the knee joint can be great.

Pain Reduction & Protection:

Holds knee compression through the full range of motion. Unlike other sleeves designed for comfort, Bellicose knee sleeves are designed to add support, warmth, and compression during leg workouts. The added heat retention and compression provided by our unique ultra high density 5MM thick neoprene! can dramatically reduce aches and pains during exercise. Additionally, targeted compression will help encourage blood circulation, reducing inflammation, swelling and speeding up the recovery healing process. Knee sleeves reduce pressure and swelling during activity proven to promote muscle recovery and prevent injury. Increase performance and confidence instantly on all your lifts!

Next Level Leg Training:

Knee sleeve’s purpose built to hit heavier weights, higher reps, and more intensity! Enjoy maximum support and improve your performance. Feel more confident and secure in any activity! from weekend warrior pursuits to powerlifting or elite competitive sports. Specifically, designed for optimal performance and support for driving increased stimulus and progression. Experience new personal records while reducing or eliminating knee pain! These will help you make the most of your routine. Hence, take your leg training and exercise to the next level!

Advanced Compression Technology:

Compression in each knee sleeve helps to support and provide stabilization to the knee! as well as, stimulate blood circulation to reduce swelling. In fact, it provides a second skin fit to ensure the sleeve does not slip or slide around! while heavy leg workouts. Hence, we know these are the best knee support sleeves you will ever wear. So, we guarantee it! For instance, if you are not fully satisfied for any reason! we will refund your purchase in full! no questions will be asked.

Premium Quality Construction:

Bellicose Neoprene Knee Sleeves naturally contoured, competition grade knee sleeves. Specifically, made from a synthetic fabric shell bonded to 5mm SBR neoprene! and secured with double reinforced stitching. Along with protection and joint support! Assassins offer extended length for greater stability! and tracking of the knee through a wide range of functional athletic movements. The 5MM thick version of the sleeve optimized for moderate support. A maximum support 7mm version is also available. This design, combined with heat sealing seams! ensures consistent comfort, contouring, and blood flow. Wearing a pair of Bellicose knee sleeves! can result in better performance today! and reduced knee pain tomorrow. Our Knee Sleeves are ideal for athletes engaging in Heavy Weight Lifts.

Perfect for All Activities:

Perfect for a wide range of sports activities! such as, Heavy Compound Lifts, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding! Squats, Power Cleans, Snatches, Box Jumps, Lunges, Double Under! Wrestling, Crossfit Athletes, Strongman Training! MMA, Martial Arts! Football, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Netball, Squash, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis, Golf! Hiking, Skiing, Snowboarding, Jogging, Walking, Running, Cycling, Yoga, Gymnastics, Hunting! and any sport that takes you to the mat.

Customize Essentials:

Furthermore, your brand logo or label, size, thickness, color schemes or combinations! and also material! such as, cotton / polyester, polyester, nylon, spandex, neoprene, or any other! can be customized! as per your requirement.



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