Biceps Muscle Builder Arm Blaster for Blasting Barbell Bar Curl Weight Lifting Arms Training Gym Workout


Product Features:
  • Do you want to dominate your triceps biceps workouts by practicing proper technique? Well, then you need to try Bellicose Arm Blaster!
  • Made of uniquely contoured rigid 6mm metal, will not bend or break.
  • Contoured design for optimal support for your bicep & triceps gains.
  • 24’’ Length & 3.5’’ width makes curls bar an optimal support machine.
  • Dense elbow and neck foam pads further ensure comfort & stability.
  • Adjustable shoulder / neck strap made of heavy-duty webbed nylon.
  • Strap features a quick release buckle to adjust it to perfect position.
  • 4 Robust rivets to secure nylon strap. Can fit around any sized body.
  • Bicep curl arm blaster is ideal for body builders, weightlifters, or even crossfit athletes who want to get stronger arms, biceps & shoulders.
  • Length, width, thickness, material, color and your brand logo can be customized as per requirement. Proudly manufactured in Pakistan.


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Bellicose Biceps Muscle Builder Bicep Blaster for Weightlifting Arm Curls Training

  • When it comes to heavy-duty lifting, you’ll need a heavy-duty arm blaster. Arm blaster keeps your body stabilized, facilitating growth and definition in your muscles. Whatever your upper-body goals are, an arm blaster will optimize the time you spend in the gym and help you develop strong and lean muscles. Arm blaster locks your arms at your sides and it does indeed isolate the biceps. It also prohibits (at least reduces) your ability to cheat your curls during heavy workouts.


  • Bellicose Biceps Muscle Builder Arms Blaster is built exclusively as an accessory for curls, if you’re looking to target the upper arms, this tool is a time-tested way to isolate the biceps for a very intense, difference-making workout. Arm blaster is uniquely designed to encourage consistent, proper form when performing arm curls. Metal portion of arm blaster is positioned against the upper abdominal muscles and is curved at each end, so if an athlete’s arms are at his or her sides, the metal will slip between the body & the arm and then curl around the back of the triceps. This makes it nearly impossible to flare the arms to the sides while wearing the device, meaning your upper arms will remain safely locked in the proper position. Arm blaster is made from superior grade metal (6mm thickness, 3.5” width, 24” length) and has a smooth exterior that is built to outlast even your toughest workouts. Constructed with strong rivets and durable straps, our padded bicep bomber is the ideal tool to maximize your triceps bicep workouts. Our arm blaster will give you more pump than any other triceps bicep blaster on the market so that you can really work to build those biceps in the right way. It has a performance enhancing design to quickly, easily and naturally prevent your arms from flaring when using heavy curl bar weights, thus concentrating all the power into the bicep muscles improving form, stability and also allows the elbows to remain forward during contraction of pulldown which forces all of the stress onto the triceps activating the triceps


  • A breathtaking offer from Bellicose, your brand logo, size, length, width, thickness, color schemes or combinations and also material can be customized as per your requirement.



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